Top 5 most-read stories from last week: Snowy Peaks teacher dies, Kents found not guilty and Uptown 240 cranes ready for removal

A crane towering over the Uptown 240 yard is set to be removed Thursday as the developer scrambles to secure financing to complete the project.
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1. Snowy Peaks mourns the death of a teacher after an accident on Friday

Greg Bachman, a teacher from Snowy Peaks, died following a bicycle accident in Kansas on Friday, June 3, according to a statement from the Summit School District released on June 4.

Snowy Peaks superintendent Jim Smith shared his condolences on behalf of the district.

“Our hearts are broken. Greg was a revered member of the Yeti family. His time at Snowy Peaks has been defined by his commitment to our students and families, and Greg has been an invaluable colleague to the Yeti staff,” Smith wrote in a statement. “He will be forever missed.”

Bachman is the husband of Summit Cove Elementary principal Crystal Miller, the school district said in a statement.

— Staff report

2. Deputy removes 41 impaired drivers from Summit County roads

Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Colorado Department of Transportation recognized Summit County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Deputy Andrew Hinman for his service.

Hinman began his law enforcement career with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office in January of this year. Hinman arrested 41 impaired drivers.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, approximately one-third of traffic fatalities involve an impaired driver in Colorado.

-Luke Vidic

3. Kents found not guilty on all counts of abuse of corpse, tampering with body of deceased

A Clear Creek County jury found former funeral home owners Shannon and Staci Kent not guilty on all counts.

Victor Akubuo’s body was reported abandoned at Silverthorne Funeral Home in Kents in February 2021. A subsequent investigation led to felony charges of cadaver abuse and tampering with a deceased human body being filed against the Kents.

Akubuo died in a single motor vehicle accident on July 30, 2020. His body was taken to the Park County Coroner’s Office for identification and an autopsy. When they received a list of nearby funeral homes, Akubuo’s relatives chose Bailey Kent Funeral Home in Silverthorne on August 11.

The verdict comes after three attempts at the case were snuffed out by two mistrials.

-Luke Vidic

4. Uptown 240 plans crane removal on Thursday as developer works on project financing

The crane that towers over the foundation of Uptown 240 will fall on June 9, according to Dillon City Manager Nathan Johnson.

Uptown 240 owner Danilo Ottoborgo said contractor RMS Cranes needed his crane for another project. He called the move temporary while Uptown 240 finalizes funding. Once funding is received and construction begins, he said a new crane will be installed.

Development of the planned 80 luxury condominium apartment development in downtown Dillon has stalled since developers lost funding at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Uptown 240 project began when the Ottoborgo family demolished their family restaurant to build the luxury housing project.

-Luke Vidic

5. Breckenridge Buy-Down Program Lists 8 Deed Restricted Properties To Help Workforce Housing

Eight homes purchased under the Breckenridge buyout program are currently for sale through the Summit County Housing Authority.

All of the homes are in the upper Blue River Basin and cost between $388,000 and $620,000 and will be sold through a Summit County Labor Lottery. The size of the houses varies from studios to three bedrooms.

In the Breckenridge buyout program, housing officials buy homes for sale, place a local labor restriction on the property, and sell the home at a reduced price. For all homes, the property must be the occupant’s primary residence, and each home has a covenant that the occupant must work 30 hours per week on an average annual basis for a business located in and serving Summit County .

To purchase a restricted deed property, buyers must qualify with the Summit County Housing Authority.

— Eliza Noe


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