The metals of the battery charge the green energy transition: “I have my ion”. – Finance and banking


United States: The metals of the battery charge the green energy transition: “I have my ion”.

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As the world shifts from fossil fuels to renewable energy and other clean energy technologies, we are entering a “super cycle” of demand for new materials. The digitization of the global economy is also driving this demand as electricity grids become smarter, more sustainable and more resilient. What do all of these green initiatives have in common? Batteries. The World Bank has forecast that the production of metals such as lithium, cobalt, zinc and graphite will have to increase by 500% by 2050 to meet the exploding demand for batteries in electric vehicles, storage energy and electronic devices. In this episode of Law, Politics and Markets Allan Marks and Alec Borisoff, partners of Global Project, Energy & Infrastructure Finance, dive into the world of battery metals with two guests from Swiss company Pala Investments: General Counsel Kate southwell and chief strategist Jessica fung.

About the speakers:

Kate southwell General Counsel of Pala Investments, a private equity investment firm based in Zug, Switzerland. She provides legal, business and strategic advice to Pala portfolio companies and specializes in the management of international mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures and in the negotiation of complex construction and commercial contracts. She also advises on alternative financing structures, including flows, royalties and mezzanine financing.

Jessica fung is Chief Strategist at Pala Investments. She studies emerging technologies such as electric vehicles, renewable energy, recycling and blockchain and predicts how these trends will impact commodity markets and how investors will finance the future economy.

Alec borisoff is a partner in Milbank’s New York office and a member of the Global Project, Energy and Infrastructure Finance Group. He represents project sponsors, financial institutions, and export credit and multilateral development agencies in a wide range of US and cross-border projects and structured finance, investment transactions and restructurings, with a particular focus on mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and electricity. related funding.

Podcast host Allan marks is one of the world leaders in the field of project and corporate finance. He advises developers, investors, lenders and underwriters around the world in the development and financing of complex energy and infrastructure projects, as well as in related acquisitions, restructurings and financial market transactions. Mr. Marks is also an Assistant Lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley in both Law School and the Haas School of Business.

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