Spike Milligan Restaurant Open After Long Covid-19 Delay


We remember a VERY LOVED comedian with the opening of a new restaurant.

The restaurant is named after the famous writer and actor Spike Milligan, who died in 2002.

His memory lives on in his comedy, his books, his poems and his radio shows – and now through a restaurant, Spike’s at The Lodge.

The restaurant is on Hastings Road, Winchelsea near Rye, where Spike Milligan spent the last years of his life and is now his burial place.

Spike’s family have been very supportive of the restaurant with his daughter Jane visiting with her partner Wendy.

Spike is at the lodge

Jane said: “Winchelsea and Rye are very special to me, it was Spike’s home for 20 years, and the whole area is filled with happy memories, and it is, of course, Spike’s last resting place. .

“Being able to visit The Lodge and enjoy their great hospitality makes me feel at home.”

The restaurant was originally scheduled to open in summer 2020, but the opening was delayed due to the pandemic and difficulty finding a chef.

A chef, Lee Cosson, was found in October last year, but new closures meant the restaurant could only offer a basic take-out menu.

Despite opening in May, the venue will celebrate its full opening by hosting an event on July 10.

This will allow Jane and Wendy to show their support in person.

Lee Stillwell said: “It won’t feel like Spike’s at The Lodge has really kicked off and opened until Jane and Wendy are back.”

Spike’s serves modern British cuisine with dishes including oysters, pigeon and pheasant, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

All meals are prepared fresh and on site and are delivered within a 20 km radius.


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