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COVID OUTBREAK: Restaurants and bars struggle to survive latest wave of coronavirusA terrible warning from city and restaurant industry leaders that a wave of independent restaurants and bars could shut down permanently unless Congress intervenes.

BRAZEN FLIGHT: Sisters hide in bedroom in terrifying heist of home invasion in San FranciscoTwo San Francisco sisters detail a terrifying home heist exclusive to KPIX 5’s Betty Yu.

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Record-breaking December rains attract spawning salmon to Marin County streamsBy July, Marin County streams were nearly dry. Now there is so much water flowing through them that salmon spawn like no one has seen in decades. Reports by John Ramos (1-8-22)

Thousands of people seek COVID-19 tests at the San Mateo event center sitePeople have stopped all day at the San Mateo County Events Center to get tested for COVID-19 as part of a new operation led by Virus Geeks. Shawn Chitnis reports. (1-8-22)

Bay Area mayors call on Congress to help struggling restaurantsThree Bay Area mayors sent a letter to Congress saying that without a financial boost, a wave of independent bars and restaurants could shut down for good. Da Lin reports. (1-8-22)

California Student Test Results Improve With COVID Distance LearningCalifornia students have returned dismal standardized test results during COVID-19 shutdowns. Devin Fehely reports. (1-8-22)

Accurate Saturday night forecastMeteorologist Darren Peck has the forecast for the Sunday Bay Area microclimate. (1-8-22)

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Attempted car break-in ends in gunfire outside San Francisco homeA San Francisco resident jumped into action when he saw burglars at work. Then things got violent. Reports by Betty Yu. (1-7-22)

Peninsula restaurateur sued by ADA serial custodian for ParkletA San Carlos restaurant owner has been sued by a man who has filed thousands of lawsuits against California businesses for alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reports by Maria Cid Medina. (1-7-22)

As Omicron variant explodes, hospitals see influx of children with COVIDHospitalizations for children under 5 in the United States are at their highest since the start of the pandemic. Five states are pushing those numbers up, including California. Andrea Nakano reports. (1-7-22)

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High demand = long line at Hayward’s COVID test siteResidents of East Bay waited hours for their chance to take a COVID test on Friday. Kiet Do reports. (1-7-22)

Omicron Impacts Staffing and Service at Bay Area Transit AgenciesBay area transit agencies are struggling to recruit staff as the omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to impact service. Shawn Chitnis reports. (1-7-22)

Oakland Teacher Sickout closes 12 schoolsA sick teacher in Oakland on Friday forced the district to close a dozen schools. Da Lin reports. (1-7-22)

Pleasanton begins dismantling downtown Parklet sheltersPleasanton is telling downtown businesses to remove remaining parks and outdoor facilities, putting a number of business owners in dire straits. Report by Juliette Goodrich. (1-7-22)

Supply chain crisis cuts furniture supply as demand soarsDemand for furniture peaks at a time when deliveries are late. Len Ramirez reports. (1-7-22)

Health Experts Predict Omicron Peak, Drop In WeeksAs businesses suffer and many schools are closed again, health experts are asking the public to hang on for about a month. Wilson Walker reports. (1-7-22)

Precise Friday night forecastChief Meteorologist Paul Heggen has the Bay Area weekend forecast. (1-7-22)

3 sentenced to life in prison for murder of ArberyThree men who pursued and killed Ahmaud Arbery were sentenced to life in prison. (1-7-22)



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