Restaurant Troy recognizes workers’ challenges in the event of a pandemic


TROY – Slidin ‘Dirty has decided to honor its food workers, who worked hard to run the food truck and catering establishment as well as to keep it afloat during the worst of the pandemic.

Workers will get a paid weekend from Saturday to Monday, May 17, and get a new package of benefits.

On his Facebook page, owner Tim Taney said what motivated him was how the hiring crisis blinded them. This was sparked by a conversation with a friend about the difficulties they were having getting paid applicants at the door.

“And they said, ‘Why would they want to come back?’ And it really got me thinking about how this industry maybe hasn’t always treated its workforce, as well as some of the other industries, ”Taney said in a phone interview on Saturday. “I really can’t come back for the worst hours, some of the hardest jobs and some of the lowest perks. So that really got me thinking, and I was like, you know what, we have to do better.

In a follow-up post, Taney said that while the past year has been devoted to praising restaurant workers and using their hard work to secure grants and loans, it is time to give them back. . He said his workers would receive all the benefits and apologized for the time it took.

Taney’s latest plan for his employees includes the pension plan match, vacation pay, sick pay, YMCA membership as well as what he sees is living wages. They are a small team of seven who have helped push his business through the pandemic, he said.

And motivated by the good weather this weekend, Taney decided to give them the whole weekend off. “It’s just kind of a thank you to our team,” he said.

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