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The Bermudiana Beach Resort on the south shore of Warwick (file photo by Blaire Simmons)

A plan to renovate Bermudiana Beach Resort to make it guest-ready has received the green light from the Development Applications Board.

The plan, submitted this year, includes new beach access, an arrivals building, new dining facilities and a swimming pool overlooking the South Shore.

While only one objection to the plan was received from the Bermuda Audubon Society, a planning report said the concerns had already been addressed in a previously approved application for the site.

The report states: “The work contained in this request is necessary to provide additional amenities to the condominium hotel.

“In the context of the change of use of the site, the proposed development is appropriate for the site, in accordance with tourism policies, and will allow the enjoyment of the land and is therefore supported for approval.”

The application for the station included the creation of a new two-storey reception building and an event support building with a kitchen and washrooms on the west side of the site.

One of the existing buildings on the northeast side of the site, Block C, would be modified to add a restaurant as well as a loading dock, basement and terrace.

Proposals also included a moongate and pool deck on the south side of the site, as well as a poolside bar and grill.

The new plans included a staircase and lift on the southeast side of the station to replace the funicular access to the beach.

The planning report stated that although the arrivals and event support buildings were close to the public thoroughfare, council would be justified in using its discretion to approve it given the layout of the property.

The report also supported changes to hotel amenities on site from previously approved plans.

“All proposed amenities along the South Cliff and located in areas where development has been proposed and approved in previous applications,” the report writer said.

“The most notable change is the move of the pool from the west side of the property to the east side with a separate pool bar, grill and washroom facilities.

“This building has been reduced to a practical minimum and its need is justified since the restaurant is no longer located nearby and therefore cannot be relied upon for standard hotel pool services.”

The report also highlighted the removal of a previously planned funicular with a combination of a lift and stairs to bring visitors from the cliff to the beach.

“All previous structures will be block-built, plastered and painted, with Bermuda image embellishments incorporated where appropriate, such as the beach storage building with a white roof and shutter,” the report said.

“None of these structures are visible from outside the property except on the water.”

The report says the policies allow discretion for coastal development under certain criteria.

“This criterion involves the stipulation that the proposal cannot be located in a development area beyond the boundaries of the Coastal Reserve,” the report says.

“The structures facilitating access to the beach and the beach storage structure cannot be located beyond the coastal reserve and continue to justify the discretion of the council in that the purpose is to accommodate a use incidental to the development on the land, it will allow access to water and provide the necessary facilities to promote the enjoyment of the land.

“Given the extent and characteristics of the coastline and the new tourist use proposed for the site, the scale of the proposed development is appropriate.”

The Bermudiana Beach resort – originally the Grand Atlantic housing estate – was due to open in 2020, but funding issues have meant the opening date has been pushed back until next March.

Plans to renovate the site had previously been approved, but David Burt, the Prime Minister, who is also Minister for Tourism, announced this year that new plans would be drawn up with the support of the Hilton hotel franchise.

Contractor BCM began work on the complex after a $10 million government guarantee-backed loan was approved in June 2021.

But the Bermudiana Development Company dropped development partners MacLellan & Associates, CBE Holdings and Bermuda Realty in September last year.

Mr Burt said the resort developer had hired engineering firm Brunel Limited, a Bermudian company involved in several major hotel projects, and Miami-based RAD Architecture, a hospitality specialist.

The Bermuda Audubon Society expressed concerns about the proposal and filed an objection to the plans.

Their letter of objection stated that although the site is zoned for tourism purposes, there is an overlying conservation area of ​​woodland reserve along the north and south sides.

Two buildings and part of a third have already been constructed, but the proposal foresees further development in the areas.

The letter also said the location raised concerns about the future of the nearby Southlands Estate, a national park.

Plans that proposed to turn the southeast section of Southlands into car park and event space for the hotel had previously been rejected, but the new request includes a connecting path and gate to an event lawn on Southlands.

“It is quite concerning and perhaps inappropriate for Bermuda Housing Corporation to assume that such an event lawn will be approved in the future,” the company said.

“There is no justification for the placement of these facilities in this location at this time.”


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