Oakland Restaurant Serves Authentic Mexican Dishes


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A newly reopened restaurant in Oakland serves up authentic Mexican dishes and freshly made tortillas.

Restaurante Oaxaqueno – named after the Mexican state the owners hail from – is a family business originally opened on E 6th St., then moved to its current location at 2500 NE Seward Ave.

“Business just started picking up and then COVID hit,” said Liliana Zepahua, the owners’ daughter. “So we closed about seven months ago.”

Zepahua noted that the restaurant reopened about a month ago.

With plenty of places to choose from for dinner in the capital, the family was delighted to keep customers coming back.

“So a lot of people are super excited that we’re back,” Zepahua said. “They don’t believe it. But I mean, we’re here again and we’re excited because we… yeah, I’m so excited, you know? »

And when it comes to traditional Mexican dishes, Zepahua said authenticity sets Restaurante Oaxaqueno apart.

“So we are authentic, meaning everything from scratch. A lot of other restaurants are just Tex Mex and we’re just like, no, we don’t want to be like other restaurants, we want to do everything,” she said. “How we were normally served at home, how my mother cooked for us.”

Zepahua described his favorite dish, bete.

“It’s steak cut into strips with onions, tomatoes and jalapenos mixed in, served with rice and beans, lettuce and tomatoes. It’s one of my favorites,” she noted. “Our tortillas are corn tortillas, homemade tortillas. So do it every day. Freshly made for you guys.

Although Oakland is a short drive from the heart of the city, Zepahua said the restaurant is worth a visit.

“I mean a lot of people think we’re super far away and stuff like that, but if I’ve never tried this restaurant I’d love to travel I don’t know how many hours just to come and try it” , she concluded.

Topekans can sample the authentically delicious dishes every day except Tuesdays.

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