MyeongDong Topokki’s NFT restaurant, Oscar slap token


Last week, we reported on the Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Multimedia proposing the legalization of NFTs and crypto mining.

Although the idea was rejected by the Deputy Minister of Finance, other politicians still seem to agree with the idea.

MCA Youth speak out on NFTs

In A press release On Thursday, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) national youth spokesperson Jacob Lee Yee Yuan urged the government to focus on NFTs. He argued that because NFTs cannot be traded or exchanged at par, they are safer than cryptocurrencies.

“It proves that esports in Malaysia has great potential, not only in terms of players but also in terms of digital game development,” he wrote.

Jacob also believes that NFTs can be used to grow the esports industry in Malaysia. Citing “recent reports,” he said the Malaysian digital games industry has made significant progress with the launch of Soul Link: The Rebels Rise.

Designed by Metabond, Soulbond: Rebels Arise is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) MMORPG where playable characters come in the form of NFTs.

Soulbond also allows users to vote for art studios to design NFTs / Image credit: Soulbond

According to Jacob, MCA Youth is “ready to play a role in helping the government reach out to young people to get their views and feedback.”

Buy NFTs, get topokki on the House

After teasing it last year, MyeongDong Topokki (MDT) has finally shared his NFT restaurant in Genting Highlands on Facebook.

According to his NFT website, the brand boasts MDT Sky Avenue, Genting is the first NFT concept restaurant in Malaysia. No, you are not eating virtual food. The main advantage is that customers can get exclusive benefits by purchasing MDT NFTs.

According to MDT, it has a trained NFT team to help and guide those new to NFT / Image Credit: MyeongDong Topokki

MDT has created five categories of NFTs, namely The Elite, The Trendsetter, The Unusual and Base Born.

The lowest tier appears to be Base Born NFTs, which give holders a free set of MDT special values ​​once a month for dinner. Base Born NFT holders are also entitled to one “MDT NFT Exclusive Premium Menu” per promotional period, and they can invite a guest to enjoy the menu at the guest rate.

Unusual holders get the same benefits, except they are allowed to invite two guests. And you might have guessed it, but The Trendsetter gets three guests.

Holders of The Elite get all the benefits of The Trendsetter, but they’ll also get a free monthly Metaverse Topokki.

We don’t really know what a Metaverse Topokki is, but it’s probably something interesting?

Currently, MDT NFTs are only available in the Genting outlet, so to get the most out of their NFTs, holders should often visit the Highlands.

Capitalizing on the Will Smith and Chris Rock fiasco

Unless you lived under a rock, you would have heard of the moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars.

If you missed the moment, no worries. You can now catch it in NFT form. A verified creator on, Pelempunk premiered a 13-second video called Pelempunk 217: Will Smith VS Chris Rock on Tuesday.

The artist took some creative liberties in creating the animation, but it probably sums up the gist of it pretty well / Image credit: Pelempunk

I can only imagine the moment pelempunk realized they could get something out of it. As it is coincidental that the name Pelempunk comes from the Malay word “pelempang” meaning slap or slap, and that their NFTs are based on characters being pelemang-ed.

On Wednesday, another verified account and well-known artist, Bad Ape, bought the NFT for 0.5 BNB, which is around RM939.38 at the time of writing.

According to the artist’s website, Pelempunk’s goal is to spread positivity and laughter through their NFTs while chronicling society’s behaviors and events. In that sense, the Will Smith vs Chris Rock NFT is definitely on the agenda.

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Featured Image Credit: Pelumpunk / SoulBond / MyeongDong Topokki


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