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LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – Many Arkansas businesses have weathered the pandemic using P3 loans to support this effort.

Don’s pharmacy has been very active lately.

Pharmacist Brook Rogers says the past two months have been busier than most.

“The past two months have been probably the most chaotic two months in pharmacies with the Covid vaccine, we’ve all been hands on deck, we’ve been busier than ever,” Rogers said.

He said the pharmacy is doing everything it can to stay afloat after closing its doors to customers in its store by going to the sidewalk and delivering prescriptions. It still hit them in the wallets.

“When you can’t have people in your store, you can’t sell ancillary products besides prescriptions, it definitely affects the bottom line,” Rogers said.

The paycheck protection program helped them through the difficult times of the pandemic and still allowed them to pay their 15 employees.

“We were fortunate enough not to let anyone go, we were able to keep the lights on and everyone was able to work the full shifts they would normally have,” said Rogers.

The Root Cafe has faced its fair share of struggles during the pandemic like most other restaurants. Co-owner Jack Sundell says they haven’t experienced anything like this for almost 10 years.

“By far the most difficult time we have faced as a restaurant owner, as business owners and the pandemic has changed everything and we have had to constantly adapt and pivot and figure out what is going on. , then cheat us and adjust again and that was a real challenge, ”said Sundell.

Sundell said the PPP loans they got kept their restaurant afloat while keeping their employees afloat.

“When we send someone after four hours instead of six or seven hours it’s a blow that they can’t take that long so yes the payroll protection program keeps us going. to work in an otherwise very difficult time to do so, ”Sundell said.

Sundell said that since the February snowstorm, The Root has been busier than at any time during the pandemic. He said the PPP allowed them to stay to see the weather more pleasant.

“We’re really seeing a quick trajectory of people coming out, people are willing to sit outside, have fun, hang out with friends who are vaccinated, I have a few drinks,” Sundell said.



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