Majority of restaurants lost business under San Francisco vaccine mandate


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60% of San Francisco restaurants have lost customers since the city limited restaurant service to customers who can prove they have been vaccinated against COVID, according to a survey by a local business group, the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. -19.

The results suggest that potential clients are staying at home more often, although it is not clear whether this behavior was triggered by the requirement for the vaccine or the outbreak of coronavirus infections that led to its adoption. Almost three-quarters (73%) of operators surveyed said they offer outdoor seating, where customers can sit regardless of their immunization status.

Proof of inoculation is also not required when customers pick up takeout orders, and the issue is moot with delivery. Still, 3 of 5 respondents said their overall business was down.

The restaurant association noted that activity levels could also have been affected by weather conditions or seasonality.

Not everyone has seen erosion. Fifteen percent of operators said they had seen an increase in activity since the mandate was adopted on August 20, and 25% said their sales were unchanged.

The requirement generated few operational problems, according to the survey. Almost 4 in 5 respondents indicated that they encountered little friction in verifying customer credentials, although a majority indicated that the process was not without conflict.

On the contrary, 52% said they had at least one argument with a client during the tenure, and 29% said they had faced multiple flare-ups.

The survey may be the first research that shows the effects of a vaccination warrant on local restaurants. It was released as the list of jurisdictions adopting a proof of inoculation requirement continues to grow.

A warrant went into effect Wednesday in Contra Costa County, an area just northeast of San Francisco, and the West Hollywood, Calif., City council approved a measure that will require proof of vaccination from the 11th. October.

The list of cities with the security protocol now in place includes Seattle, New Orleans, New York and Philadelphia.


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