Here are which restaurants in Greenwich had health code or COVID-19 violations in the first quarter of 2021



GREENWICH – Health inspectors have found near full compliance with coronavirus safety rules at restaurants across the city since the start of the year.

The city’s health department inspected 115 catering establishments in the first quarter of 2021.

Inspectors are looking for violations involving coronavirus safety protocols. While inspectors found a number of coronavirus-related violations in late 2020 and took a handful of complaints from the public, there were hardly any in the first quarter of 2021, according to records.

During an inspection in Douro on Greenwich Avenue on March 18, two cooks were not wearing masks, according to the inspection report, but it was one of the few instances of non-compliance. Verbal warnings were given.

Douro owner Ruy Correia said it was a one-off event involving workers who had just entered to start work.

“Everyone’s doing the right thing,” he says. “I always have a high mark. We keep our kitchen spotless. “

No restaurants have been closed by the ministry due to public safety non-compliance with COVID-19 during the latest round of inspections.

Inspectors deduct points for violations on a 100-point scale, and a score below 80 requires a restaurant to make corrections quickly. The most serious violations, subtracting four points, relate to temperature and food handling, chemical storage, hand washing and hygiene.

Pomodoro Pizza on East Putnam Avenue in Riverside was rated 82 points by a health inspector and two four point violations were observed. The inspector said unlabeled chemicals were found in the kitchen and the cheese was kept at 47 degrees, not the required 45 degrees. single-use items found. A further visit on March 20 gave a rating of 88.

At Cos Cob’s Little Pub, a score of 85 was assigned by a health inspector who found a dumpster left open, nicks in a cutting board, workers not wearing hair ties, flies and dirty walls, according to the report.

The Harvest Wine Bar was cited with two four-point infractions – an improper backflow device used on the plumbing and a sink behind the bar used as a “dump sink” when it was intended to be used as a sink. hand. An initial score of 86 was later revised to 94. Manager Vincenzo Siguenza said the issues were resolved quickly. He said a new bartender was working when the sink issue was reported and received additional training.

Pizza Planet was cited with a four-point violation and received a score of 89. An inspector found a pre-fridge temperature of 47-48 degrees, when the threshold is 44 degrees. The report said there was no soap in a hand-held sink, food stored on the floor, and standing water in a sink. Manager Sam Silva said the issues were resolved immediately and the food operation was being closely monitored.

At Bistro V on Greenwich Avenue, a score of 89 was assigned and two four-point infractions were recorded, according to the inspection report. A hand sink near the cooking zone was blocked and a refrigerator had a temperature of 51 degrees. The issues were fixed, resulting in a subsequent score of 93.

“We always fix everything right away,” said owner Marc Penvenne. He said the kitchen was kept clean and up to code, and the property typically received ratings in the upper 90s.

Messages left for the management of Little Pub and Bistro V were not returned.

All schools inspected in the last term obtained a score of 100 points: Central Middle School, Cos Cob School, Eastern Middle School, Greenwich Catholic, International School at Dundee, Julian Curtiss, North Mianus, North Street School, Old Greenwich School , Parkway School and Indian Field School.

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