Governor, woman facing tirade in restaurant


– What appeared to be a friendly request for a selfie from the governor of Nevada turned into a profane and threatening situation at a restaurant in Las Vegas on Sunday. Nevada State Police are investigating the confrontation which began right after Governor Steve Sisolak; his wife, Kathy; and a daughter arrived at Lindo Michoacan in Summerlin, on Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. The verbal assault, which was recorded on cellphone video, included racial slurs hurled at Kathy Sisolak, who is a first-generation Chinese-American born and raised in the state.

A man in the restaurant approached the governor, appearing to want a selfie with him, before launching a tirade laced with profanity. “I can’t tell you what piece of…you are,” the man began. Sisolak replied, “Sorry to hear that,” then began to walk away. At least two men followed the Sisolaks as they left the restaurant, shouting threats along the way. They became more threatening, pointing out that Sisolak did not have a security guard with him. “We should be stalking you by a lamppost right now,” the second man said, according to the hill. The man shown in the video approaching Sisolak has been identified as Justin Andersch, according to the Review-Journal, which has a website and podcast advocating far-right, anti-government conspiracy theories. He took credit in a podcast on Monday, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Greeting voters with a handshake or a selfie “is one of the governor’s favorite parts of his job,” a Sisolak aide said, per KTNV. The governor, however, expressed disappointment at Sunday’s encounter, “particularly with the language used to discuss the legacy of First Lady Kathy Sisolak.” The Democratic attorney general condemned the attack. But Nevada’s Republican Party chairman, after saying there was no room for such behavior, raised Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ insistence with supporters to confront Trump officials in 2018 at the topic of border policy. And Joey Gilbert, a GOP candidate for governor, posted on Facebook: “Damn no I’m not condemning it. You deserved it Steve.” (Read more stories from Steve Sisolak.)


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