Dubai loosens COVID-19 borders; reopen hotels, bars, restaurants, Dubai


Dubai has announced an easing of restrictions on COVID-19. The country has allowed all the hotels in the regional tourist hub to operate at their full capacity. The government has also given permission for concerts and sporting events on the condition that all participants and participants are fully vaccinated.

Right now, the UAE leads the rankings in coronavirus testing and vaccination rates across the world. Although tourism is back in the country, residents of Dubai have been urged to follow COVID-19 standards, including social distancing and mandatory face masks.

The Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai said that the capacities of restaurants and places of entertainment have also been increased.

Since May 17, 2021, bars have been allowed to reopen but only for people who have been vaccinated. Regarding restaurants, the maximum number of people allowed to sit at a single table has been increased to 10. Shisha rooms will also operate at an increased capacity of up to six people per table.

Wedding events have been allowed with a maximum attendance of 100 participants, all of whom must be vaccinated. Home wedding events can only be followed by 30 attendees, and each must follow precautionary measures, including social distancing rules and the wearing of masks.

For sporting events, people are allowed as long as all participants, participants and staff have received the vaccine. But the capacity is capped at 70% and the maximum authorized attendance for such events is 1,500 for indoor events and 2,500 for outdoor events.

To protect its people from the highly contagious Indian variant, the country has also banned flights from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


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