Disturbing footage shows diner-and-dash couple run over restaurant manager with car


Multiple sources have reported how two people who had dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday, January 3 were filmed hitting the restaurant manager with their car after the meal.

The incident took place at the Ragin Cajun Café in Redondo Beach, Calif., Where the duo ordered for around $ 90 of menu items, including premium items such as steak and lobster. They would have sat in the seats furthest from the restaurant on the outdoor patio for about 40 minutes before going inside to get takeout containers and the check, owner Lisa Hodges told KTLA.


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“[The manager] came out to clean the table and take the check, and their checkbook was empty, ”Hodges told the outlet. “That’s when he saw them drive off.

Hodges said the manager, who has not been identified, jumped over a hay bale barrier and stood in front of the vehicle while asking the couple to pay their bill. The owner said the manager was not touching the car or being confrontational. They reportedly told him to come over to the car’s side so they could pay, but when he refused, the driver stepped on the accelerator and hit the manager. “They could have gone back. They could have moved around him, but they didn’t, ”she said. “They chose to press the gas and hit him – and they hit him hard.” Hodges added: “They turned so fast he fell … onto the sidewalk.”

Security camera footage posted by the Ragin Cajun Café on Facebook shows a red sedan speeding up and hitting the manager. According to Hodges, the man was carried about 30 feet over the hood of the vehicle and fell when the driver made a sharp turn onto the Pacific Coast Highway. The owner noted how the manager “was very shaken up”. He had bruises around his knees and his ankle and wrist were very painful, but “luckily he didn’t hit his head,” she said.

Hodges said “dine and rush” has become commonplace lately, with several cases of people using fraudulent credit cards. That said, Monday’s incident came at a particularly difficult time for the restaurant industry which has seen customers exceed less or be confused by Covid-19 guidelines. Hodges said the manager had been a key employee at the family restaurant “during all the madness.”

“This is just one of the many things you face in the restaurant industry,” Hodges said. She noted, however, that she was grateful for the outpouring of support from the community. “You just have to keep moving forward. You just have to stay positive, “she added. Meanwhile, the dinner-and-dash pair were identified only as a white woman and a black man in their mid-twenties. Police described the vehicle. suspect like an old model red sedan, which could be a Chrysler or a Ford. KTLA, Redondo police said they were still working to identify the suspects.

If you or someone you know has any information relating to the incident, please contact the Redondo Beach Police Department at (310) 379-2477.

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