Covid: Niagara Falls removes red tape for outdoor dining at city restaurants


The expedited permitting process for expanding outdoor seating in Niagara Falls began last year to help restaurants distance themselves socially, the city continues this year.

City officials say even though capacity restrictions will be lifted at restaurants, measures like this are still needed to help businesses.

“While it is true that capacity will change, table in place, all of these things that could still lend themselves to a reduction in full capacity will be in place for good public health reasons,” said the Mayor of Niagara. Falls, Robert Restaino. “We believe that by expanding this opportunity, restaurants will be able to expand their footprint.”

Power City Eatery was able to use their patio to sit outside, so they didn’t need the expedited process. Owner says expedited process, along with lifting restaurant restrictions, is a step in the right direction

“It makes you realize what you were missing out on by taking all of these restrictions. So we are truly blessed and happy to be where we are now, ”said Joseph Hotchkiss, owner of Power City Eatery.

Any business interested in expanding their outdoor space is urged to call the city planning department.


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