Corralito owners remain silent on table message, wage dialogue intensifies in El Paso


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The owners of Corralito Steakhouse remain silent about the backlash that a post posted in one of their locations received this week, but a community dialogue on wages has since sparked reactions that the post has received.

On Sunday, Veronica Frescas went to the Doniphan restaurant, where she saw a message posted on all tables explaining that the company was understaffed. She quickly became unhappy with what she was reading.

Frescas posted a photo on his Facebook page, which has since received over 100 shares and numerous comments.

“I understand a lot of us are frustrated, but there could have been a better way to say something,” said Frescas, who captured the sign in a photo. “We’re still all in the same boat and, for something like that, it didn’t seem like it was very strong from El Paso.”

The sign reads: “Unfortunately, because of government handouts, no one wants to work anymore. As a result, we are understaffed. Please be patient with the staff who have chosen to come to work today and remember to tip your server. They have chosen to come forward to serve you.

Frescas pointed out that the restaurant received more than $ 1 million in federally guaranteed loans under the Paycheck Protection Program.

The wage and employment dialogue has been sparked as more El Pasoans have seen the Frescas post and Texas seeks to withdraw from additional federal unemployment assistance this week. The ruling means unemployed Texans will have $ 300 less to rely on.

Leo Duran, of the Texas Restaurant Association, said local businesses were competing with larger chains that offer higher wages. He said wages need to increase, even if it’s a bit.

“If you want to survive you have to be competitive and wages are really the basis of what employees care about,” said Duran, president-elect of the Texas Restaurant Association. “I’m just trying to get rid of this pandemic and realize that we are coming out of it; let’s get back on our feet and get back to work.

Duran said restaurants expected to see more applicants when Gov. Greg Abbott announced Texas would withdraw from federal unemployment assistance on June 26. August.

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