Clearfield County Hotels, Bars and Restaurants Receive CHIRP Grants | Coronavirus


CLEARFIELD – Clearfield County Commissioners announced the recipients of the COVID-19 hospitality industry recovery program on Tuesday.

The council said 31 establishments offering accommodation, restaurants and bars will share $ 880,000 of the $ 897,671 the county has received. Funds have been approved for hospitality-related businesses that have demonstrated a reduction of at least 25% in gross sales for any quarter of 2020 compared to 2019 and that may show a net minus after all funds previously granted such as Paycheck Protection Program Loans or Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Values ​​Fund.

The criteria also included who qualified to be a for-profit business and not a publicly traded entity. They are also expected to have a maximum tangible net worth of no more than $ 15 million as of February 15, 2020 with fewer than 300 full-time equivalent employees entity-wide as of February 15, 2020.

Clearfield County was assisted in determining who and the amount of funds to be awarded by the North Central Pennsylvania Planning and Regional Development Commission and the Central PA LaunchBox

President John Sobel thanked the NCPRPDC and CPLB for their help in determining which applications would be approved.

“We were delighted to be able to help local businesses in the hospitality industry – businesses that have been hit hard by COVID-19,” he noted.

The council said priority was given to hotels and motels, noting that criteria developed by the state were used to make decisions.

Recipients and amount received include: Holiday Inn Express Clearfield, $ 50,000; Hampton Inn, $ 50,000; Holiday Inn Express & Suites, $ 50,000; DuBois Resorts LLC, $ 50,000; DuBois Manor Motel, $ 50,000; Wyndham Clearfield Super 8, $ 50,000; Manas Management LLC / Red Roof Inn; $ 50,000; and Prabhu Inc. DBA Budget Hotel, $ 50,000.

Rameshree Inc / Subway, $ 30,000; Luigi’s Ristorante, $ 30,000; Fike & McCauley Bobette Inc., $ 30,000; McClure’s American Diner, $ 30,000; Shannon’s Catering LLC, $ 30,000; Skate Station LLC, $ 30,000; Restaurant Moena, $ 30,000; The New Fort Worth Restaurant & Hotel Inc., $ 30,000; Vermeulen Enterprises LLC / Presko, $ 30,000; Rainbow Inn / Just 1 more, $ 30,000; St. Charles Cafe ”, $ 30,000; Friendly Tavern Inc., $ 30,000; and Fat Kid’s Sports Bar LLC, $ 30,000.

Butch’s 101 Pitstop LLC, $ 20,000; Best Travel Inn, $ 15,000; Kai Buffet & Grill, $ 15,000; Key Largo LLC, $ 10,000; West Branch Dairy Diner, $ 5,000; Express Coffee and Convenience, $ 5,000; Farm Table Restaurant, $ 5,000; Rodeway Inn, $ 5,000; Grateful Phoenix LLC DBA Ethan’s Cafe ”, $ 5,000; and KDS Triangle Inn Inc./Spike’s Pub, $ 5,000.

Commissioner Dave Glass said each of the funding recipients will receive an email with a link. A representative must complete the agreement and return it to collect the funds.

He said the remaining funds will be used for administrative costs, noting that $ 10,000 of this amount will go to CPLB which plans to use the money to develop a mini-entrepreneur grant.


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