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In this week’s news, the App Store ecosystem facilitated $ 643 billion in billing and sales last year. In addition, new information has emerged on Main Street small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and behavioral analysis. The Weekender is here to catch up with you.


Apple’s App Store facilitated $ 643 billion in commerce in 2020

The App Store ecosystem generated $ 643 billion in billings and sales in 2020, which is a 24% year-over-year increase.

PayPal leads mobile wallet race with half of online transactions

At its peak this spring, PayPal’s mobile wallet generated 28% of in-store mobile transactions. Additionally, PayPal’s mobile wallet peaked just under the full half of online transactions at 48%.

Kushki wins $ 86 million to fix Latin America’s fragmented payments infrastructure

Kushki said he cashed in $ 86 million in a Series B round from backers such as the SoftBank Latin America Fund.

Visa Expands Investments in LoginID and the Future of Authenticated Payments

Visa, through a recently announced investment in LoginID, supports the marriage between payments and authentication – done transparently and without a password.

Overdrafts, Merchant Fees, and Crypto: Why You Can’t Have Both

“We can’t go both ways – the collective ‘we’ made up of regulators, policymakers, innovators, payments players, merchants and consumers – even though the narrative that we can have both feeds the media beast, “as PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster writes.” And both ways, I mean selectively targeting some to deliver and monetize the services consumers want and use, regardless of l ‘downstream impact for those consumers if these services are suddenly phased out, regulated, or made too expensive for service providers. Support. “

Trackers and reports

NEW DATA: Almost half of Main Street SMEs will boost business investment as vaccines roll out

Half of all Main Street SMEs intend to invest in different areas like new employees, more equipment and advertising.

OppFi CEO Says Behavioral Analysis Reveals Credit Gems. Other methods are missing

Finding loans can be complex for people with low credit scores or low incomes, as traditional loan offers focus almost exclusively on credit scores. However, behavioral analytics has the potential to process the apps of these consumers safely and quickly without leaving out those that are otherwise financially strong.

NEW DATA: What UK and US businesses expect from cross-border payments innovations

Sixty-two percent of UK businesses say they believe cross-border B2B innovation can lower the cost of executing and receiving cross-border payments, as do 54% of US businesses.

Fun, cool and otherwise interesting

SoFi’s IPO highlights the rise of specialized banking

Digital banks that cater or focus on specific demographics or services are gaining traction not only on the street, but also on the main street.

Crypto’s Rise and Disturbing Role in Growing Ransomware Attacks

Reports of nefarious actors seeking to disrupt supply chains and transportation hubs are on the rise, along with demand for payment in bitcoin.

The optimistic state of Main Street on the road to recovery

Sixty percent of Main Street SMEs told PYMNTS that vaccination would be “extremely” or “very” effective in spurring growth in 2021.

All-day kitchens: Restaurant catering can “capture the lessons” of the digital shift

“When the pandemic hit, we saw this reaction from the industry as a whole, which is, ‘Okay, what can we do and how do we move really quickly to the digital world and last mile running? “” All Day Kitchens CEO Ken Chong told PYMNTS in a recent interview. “Now all of these restaurant brands are asking, ‘How do you reopen in a sustainable and long-term way and capture all the lessons from last year? “”



About the study: U.S. consumers see cryptocurrency as more than just a store of value: 46 million plans say they plan to use it to make payments for everything from financial services to groceries. In the Cryptocurrency Payments Report, PYMNTS surveys 8,008 cryptocurrency users and non-users in the United States to examine how they plan to use crypto to make purchases, what crypto they plan to buy. ‘use – and how merchant acceptance can influence merchant choice and consumer spending.


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